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NET identifies stress affecting the body contributing to chronic pain, tight muscles and unresponsive injuries and releases it.

NEAT identifies stress caused by limiting beliefs, conflicted feelings, paralyzing emotions and inefficient attitudes; a series of specific adjustments effectively releases the stress.

NEAT Business increases passion and productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction; improving co-worker interactions while decreasing absenteeism in your business and professional activities..
Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
Neuro Emotional Anti-Sabotage Technique (NEAT)
More than an attitude adjustment

FOR SOME YEARS NOW, all the health professions have recognized that many physical ailments are caused or aggravated by stress. Anxiety produces ulcers. Tension produces headaches. Stress is being blamed for everything from low back pain to heart disease.

Unresolved, many people may go onto develop physical stress, fears and or phobias, paralyzed will to act or prolonged stress in mind and body. This affects the nervous system, the immune system, digestion and elimination, muscular balance, etc. These lingering emotions often stifle our natural flow of life. This can result in REPEATED Failed Relationships, Derailed Careers, Chaos with Family and Friends, Financial Distress, and Chronic Health Problems as some possible undesirable results.

Let’s look at it this way: The mind deals with our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. We see the body’s response through muscle testing.

Positive Harmonious Memories And Events Produce Strong Muscles While Negative Stressful Memories and Events Result In Weakness. Imagine what this does to the other organs, glands and systems in the body!

NET and NEAT is a quick, easy and fun way to determine if stress affects the body, which emotions are being held, their physical location and their time of origin. Then through a specific series of adjustments, these stuck emotions are released – changing lives.

Clients may utilize these procedures in conjunction with their doctor, therapist, pastor or
business coach to facilitate goals to fruition. Men and Women like this process because
it is efficient and effective, releasing emotional weight and pressure leading to a quick resolution.

Now, isn’t it time to improve your relationships, build your careers, strengthen your finances and resolve those longstanding stressors! Call today!

“I had so much stress, I couldn’t sleep. Dr. Strasburger released child-
hood fear, sadness and abandonment along with anger and anxiety in
my personal and professional adult life!” - Amber D
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